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Considering the most recent news and announcements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have made the decision to have employees in our office who can perform their jobs remotely, work from home until further notice.


INCREASE CLEANING. We have increased cleaning and disinfection at Office, including door handles, handrails, and other frequently-touched surfaces.  This practice is also observed at all our Jobsites. 

SOCIAL DISTANCING. Crews will be working at staggered shift times, and schedules to keep person-person interaction limited.  Office Common areas and items such as tables and chairs have been spread out in our Office so that all employees can follow the latest social distancing guidelines.  

On Jobsites, we have limited our crew sizes to adhere to the recommended number and emphasize the importance of “social distancing” and maintaining the use of other precautionary equipment (such as gloves, masks, sanitation etc.). 

CLEANING SUPPLIES. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are available for crew use at project sites, to keep equipment, vehicle doors/handles/etc. and hands clean.  Additional supplies are available upon request.

TOOLS/EQUIPMENT. We’ve instructed our crew and staff to limit sharing of tools and equipment.  Reinforce sanitizing measures if an equipment is to be shared.

CONTACTING US. Our phone line will remain online despite in-office staff limitations.  Calls will be handled and directed to the appropriate person. If you’d wish to contact us further, you may send your inquiries to email

Office: 239-300-8868 | Fax: 877-926-6995 |
13721 Jetport Commerce Parkway Suite 7, Fort Myers, FL 33913
CGC # 1520738