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Ocean’s Reach
John E. Warren III, President

Mark, I can’t tell you how happy we are to have had you as our partner in this project. From the get-go, you and your team have been amazing. I have never worked on a project of this magnitude that went so smoothly. The professionalism and partnership could not have been better. Please convey our appreciation to your team. The finished product speaks for itself. Our resort has never looked so good.

Wishing all of you a very happy holiday season and stay safe and healthy.

John E. Warren III
President, Ocean’s Reach Condo Association
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Baypointe at Naples Cay
Brett Cohan, Property Manager

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your work on the high rises I manage at Naples Cay.

Two years ago you completed the Waterproofing, Exterior Painting, and Electrostatic Painting of the balcony rails at The Club at Naples Cay.

The quality of work performed was all the reference the owners in the Beach House and Westshore buildings needed to hire you to do the Waterproofing, Exterior Painting, and Electrostatic Painting of the balcony rails of the balcony rails in their building as well.

Every job has been completed very successfully. Your crews are polite and work diligently to accommodate all the owners. The owners consistently comment on the cleanliness, efficiency and quality of your crews.

Quality work is hard to find these days. I spend a great deal of my time having to supervise contractors to be certain they complete the job as proposed. It’s gratifying to let you know that I have never had a quality control issue working with you.

Please do not hesitate to give my name as a reference.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Brett Cohan
Property Manager
Naples Cay
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Orchid Cove Condominium
Audrey Sanders, President

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the residents of Orchid Cove, I want to say Thank You for your outstanding professionalism throughout the entire painting process. Your ongoing communication and flexibility turned a cumbersome job of painting into a smooth and easy project.

The painters were courteous, never tardy, and worked as a team. They were always ready to assist in any way.

I would definitely recommend you to other associations. Your work ethic is outstanding and the painting of our buildings added to the beautification of our community.

Thank you Hein Brothers!


Audrey Sanders
President of Orchid Cove Condominium Association
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Roberta McFarland, Property Manager

Thank you for stopping by yesterday to review the project you are starting on Monday July 29th. It was great to meet Rene who will be the onsite supervisor and “go to man” for all my questions as the job progresses. We anticipate that it will take about 10 working days for completion. In regards to our conversation and inspection of the exterior of the building, we are very pleased with the way this project from 2008 has held up!

Since this was our first paint at the age of Five years, I did not know what to expect since we sit right on the beach with all the salt and sand blowing daily. I think that the thoroughness of your team with peeling out the old window caulk and replacing with the higher quality, and the caliber of the waterproofing product and paint product that you selected for us really made the difference. No more leaks ! It was very professional that the rep from the paint company came out every week to meet with your supervisor for 2 months to check the thickness of the paint so the Warranty would be valid. We have decided that it is in such good shape that the Summer 2014 repaint will be moved to the Summer 2015 schedule.

We also had an opportunity this summer when we had a crane on the grounds in May, to get up close and personal to the electrostatic project on the 265 in place window frames done in 2009 and they are also holding up extremely well. Good Job- great technology! When we had the crane on the grounds in May- we also looked at your most recent project of replacing all the cold joints on the building after Hurricane Isaac tore thru here.

They are also holding up very well, as expected. So, even though it is a ways out- please save us 8 weeks in the summer of 2015 to do an encore performance- and I will put you in my calendar to contact you in January 2015 to get started on the paperwork.

Roberta McFarland
Sancerre Property Manager
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Seven Lakes Condominium
Tom O’Sullivan, Contract Manager

I write this letter recommending Hein Brothers as a painting contractor. They recently completed the exterior painting of a four story 72 unit condominium building at Seven Lakes Association. The pre-painting preparation was carefully undertaken with care for the plants. The overall effort was conducted professionally and the crew was very well organized and responsive. Hein Brothers were easy to work with and took pride in extending the effort to assure that the quality of the job met my expectations.

This is the first job Hein Brothers has done at Seven Lakes. I look forward to using their services again and highly recommend them to others.


Tom O’Sullivan
Contract Manager
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Beau Rivage Condominium
Jeff Charpentier, PCAM & Florida CAM

Mr. Hein,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work your company did on the exterior restoration of the concrete up on the 21st and 22nd levels of the Beau Rivage Condominium Association.

The drone that was very beneficial for discovering the cracks in the exterior wall as well as the deteriorating caulk around several windows, all of which led to the water intrusion into the two-story penthouse.

Needless to say the restoration was done in a timely manner and once completed allowed for the interior repairs to be made.

I want to say that if there is a need for your services in the Future, rest assured we will be in contact with you.


Jeff Charpentier
PCAM & Florida CAM General Manager
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Ave Maria
Luis Rosales, Community Manager

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to express how much of a pleasure it has been working with the Hein Brothers team in Ave Maria. Hein Brothers undertook a resurfacing project for a water park structure and provided outstanding services for Ave Maria Master Association. The project manager, Steve Glazier, was a valuable asset to the project. He was able to address every issue and concern with great customer service. The level of professionalism needs to be commended.

Ave Maria is a unique community in all aspects and I can always count on Hein Brothers to be pro-active on any given situation. I feel confident recommending Hein Brothers as painting and restoration provider. I look forward to having a working professional relationship in the years to come.


Luisa Rosales
Community Manager
Ave Maria Master Association
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The Venetian Isles
Don Fairman, Manager

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the craftsmanship and professionalism that Hein Brothers Painting & Restoration has exhibited during the restoration, waterproofing, and painting of the bayside of our property, which rests on 225 pilings overlooking Venetian Bay.
Managing a three-sided, water access only, property provides intricate challenges unlike most properties when it comes to maintenance of the property.

Throughout the specification and bidding process, Hein Brothers Painting & Restoration worked collaboratively with me to identify the individual and specific needs our property held, in addition to educating us on the procedural process of our buildings’ restoration.

While the property holds spectacular beauty, being housed on the bay creates harsher than normal conditions that, over time, have a less then desired effect on our property. With that being stated, our property needed concrete, stucco, and wood restoration, wet glazing and the sealant of windows, soffit vent replacement, tile removal and deck waterproofing, hurricane shutter removal along with a cypress pergola designed and installed on the penthouse level, prior to the finishing touches of the painting.

Although the scope of work was challenging in itself, it was magnified due to the water access only areas of our property. In order to complete this project Hein Brothers Painting & Restoration orchestrated the mobilization and securing of their barges in our inlet, and then the mobilization and securing of their aerial lifts onto the barges. Using a push-boat they mobilized the lift-barge work platform efficiently around the property to complete the project. I was quite impressed.

Hein Brothers Painting & Restoration was qualified to complete our project as they are a state certified General Contractor; however, Hein Brothers went above and beyond as they assigned a full-time foreman and superintendent to our project to handle daily operations along with possible, unforeseen circumstances that may have arose, in a timely manner. The entire crew was not only knowledgeable, but courteous and mannerly with myself as well as the homeowners. While the crew was highly productive, they never sacrificed safety. The foreman kept me informed on an ongoing basis with daily, progress reports.

In the future, when our property is in need of restoration, I will call Hein Brothers Painting & Restoration as the company demonstrated professionalism, quality craftsmanship, and an overall knowledge base in the handling of a project that poised unique challenges as they restored our building to its original, like-new beauty.

And so, with that being stated, I highly recommend Hein Brothers Painting & Restoration for any/all painting and/or restoration projects as they displayed the experience and knowledge necessary to run and complete such an ornate project. I look forward to working with them on future projects.


Don Fairman
Venetian Isles
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