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  • Tile Roof Condition Inspection – We can conduct a flight over your aging tile roof before trades set foot on the roof to perform maintenance, so that you know the condition prior to work being performed.  Our UHD 4K camera can detect even hairline cracks.  Once your maintenance work is completed, we can conduct another inspection to insure that no tiles were damaged.
  • Failed Sealants Inspection – Our drones can carefully fly around your windows looking for caulking and waterproofing failure. The onboard Navigation system allows the drones to hover smoothly in one spot for a close-up look.
  • Crack and Leak Detection – If you are experiencing water intrusion, we can scan the exterior of your property with infra-red cameras that locate changes in temperature that evidence moisture invisible to the naked eye.
  • 4K Ultra HD Video and Imagery – We use our drones to create our own promotional material and document our work and we can do the same for you.  If you need advertising content or building condition documentation for your insurance company, we can do that, too.
  • Federally Licensed and Insured – Our 3-man drone team has passed rigorous Federal examinations and background checks and attended the best training available. The team includes (1) Pilot, (1) Camera Operator and (1) Spotter to maintain constant line-of-sight with the system as well as maintain crowd control.  We also carry 1.5 million in liability insurance.
  • Insurance Property Documentation – We can take Ultra High Definition video of your property for insurance assessment, so that you can have proof of the conditions at a certain date and time.  If something goes wrong, you can demonstrate that the damage or erosion in quality is new.
  • No-Risk High-Rise Defect Detection – Avoid complicated and expensive swing stage setup.  We can mobilize our drones within the hour and put no lives in danger.  The days of setting up complicated and expensive equipment to get a look at something on the top floor of your property are gone.
  • Same-day Availability – We can come out and do your inspection today.  No hassles, no waiting around to find out the diagnosis.


  • Because drones can get into spaces with the accuracy and perspective of somebody on a ladder without putting anyone at risk.
  • Because drones can fly places that helicopters and planes cannot.  And hover there with little disturbance to surroundings.
  • Because drones can contribute to Public Safety by surveying large areas of land in 10 minutes where it would otherwise take
    hundreds of man hours to cover the same space looking for survivors and damage.
  • Because drones can seek out nuisance species in our park systems and help researchers to eradicate them safely, protecting the Earth’s ecosystem. Sustaining natural life.
  • Because knowing how to use drones safely and effectively makes everyone safer by allowing them to be more familiar with their surroundings.
  • Because drones used safely and effectively will help make our world safer, more productive and more accessible.

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